Share the Rhythm, Spread the Music

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Why a Music CD?

IRNGO is a French association whose main concern is to bring happiness, joy and education to people in need, especially children.
The concept behind IRNGO was born when we discovered that there was an excess of production made by companies who didn't know what to do with their overproduced goods. Wanting to help this situation, IRNGO was born, a combination of charity and environmental concerns. IRNGO's main goals now are to collect overproduced products and give it away to our partners, who are charity associations, orphanages, special needs schools, homeless shelters and more.

Over the years, IRNGO has helped more than 745 children! Become a part of IRNGO and help us achieve even more!









This music CD is a collaboration done with international music artists to share the love and values of IRNGO to everyone. Our goal for creating this CD at IRNGO is to touch people's hearts with our music and show them what we have here to offer. This is an opportunity for people to support something creative which will lead to more chances to help underprivileged children

What are some of the benefits for YOU?

  • Being prominently featured on our CDs, social media and our publications
  • You will be provided with private concerts, and CDs
  • Get more involved in a partnership with IRNGO and gain significant visibility in the project
  • Support needed children through a new way!