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Captivating International Foundation Ltd. believes that within every child lies the potential for greatness – something of incredible value to their world. For many, much of this value is lost because of poverty or injustice.  Captivating’s mission and passion is to see disadvantaged, impoverished, fatherless, poorest-of-the-poor children soar – to see them reach out for a better tomorrow.

In 2008, Captivating International was founded by Andrew and Julie as a Hong Kong registered Charity with partnership links to Australia and the US. Captivating is also an approved foreign charity fund under the Shenzhen Charity Federation. To date the work of Captivating has supported projects in Heilongjiang, Sichuan, Gansu, Qinghai, Guangxi, Guizhou and Guangdong. In China, Captivating supports multiple projects ranging from educational support for girls who have missed schooling, through to helping entire villages end poverty through animal husbandry, water solutions, solar panels, greenhouses, and other solutions in remote locations.  In addition to China, Captivating also works in Kenya (caring for AIDS orphans and poverty alleviation) and Nepal (preventing girls being trafficked into China and India).


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Sunshine Academy



Sunshine Academy dedicates themselves to loving and educating young Chinese orphans, in order to enable to them to have an independent and fulfilling life. They believe that all children deserve to be loved unconditionally and through their full time preschool, evening Sunset Hours program, Weekend Adventures and Sunshine Special and Vocational Education School, they are accomplishing this.

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IRNGO was very happy to be a part of Sunshine Academy's opening of a new school! We were able to give them toys for their children when their new school was going to open. IRNGO was also a part of Sunshine Academy's annual Sunshine-in-a-Box event where we donated a few boxes of  toys, games and school supplies for children. IRNGO looks forward to working more with Sunshine Academy in the future and thanks them for giving us an opportunity to be a part of such an important event!


Chunhui Children



Chunhui Children is an organization that focuses on the welfare, caring, loving and development of orphaned children in China. Chunhui Children is the sister organization of Half the Sky, which was founded in 1998. Chunhui Children was founded in 2012 in Beijing and now provides increasing opportunities for people to support orphaned children all over China.

Children belong to families---but what about the orphans? Chunhui Children exists to bring family love and care to China’s most vulnerable children. It operates and supports nurturing and education programs with a proven track record for enabling orphaned children to reach their full potential. Chunhui will not stop until every child knows she is loved, knows her life matters, and she has a chance at a bright future.

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IRNGO has worked with Chunhui on a number of occasions, assisting them in any way possible. IRNGO volunteers interacted with Chunhui during the China Charity Fair in 2013, and we were so impressed by their work that we decided to donate supplies to them, such as toys and other materials to be used for infants. The materials that were sent over were used for children who are in post-surgery care. IRNGO thanks Chunhui for the opportunity to help them and looks forward to working together in the future!


Promised Land (PLSE)



Promised Land Special Education (PLSE) is an organization that has multiple programs that focuses on helping and enabling disabled children to lead an independent life.  They have several approaches to do this. Their goal is to help as many disabled children as possible, since most of them do not get the treatment and education they deserve.
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IRNGO's first successful event was with Promised Land children, collaborated with students from QSI. During the event, students from QSI were briefed on the physical activities that would be held, along with IRNGO volunteers. The volunteers organized games and educational activities with students from QSI and the children, rotating every 30 minutes. At the end of the day, IRNGO made donations in the form of toys to Promised Land. We thank them for their support and look forward to working with them more in the future!




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