The 4th China Charity Fair has successfully finished

The 4th China Charity Fair has successfully finished. We’re glad to have this opportunity to encounter all the other great charity groups and associations of China. We have shared the experiences and made some new partners. This is grateful for the growth of IRNGO.


Thanks to the great help of volunteers, Samantha, Koni, Eté, Zhaojing and Tian, our booth became one of those who attracted the most people. You have done an excellent job and thanks to you all. We hope more volunteers can join in our team for more activities in the future.





Clothing organization

This saturday , july 18th, IRNGO organized a charity event in Shekou, which is supported by some charity association like N+ Community and a Heart for China along with some warmhearted volunteers. At this event, volunteers sorted, categorized, packaged and labeled donated clothes, in order to prepare them for donation in the future. 

 Group photo

More than 30 volunteers worked from 10am to 4pm with the event. All of them are full of passion. There were even children volunteers at the event joining their mothers for the charitable cause. 

 Folding the clothes in the table 

Volunteers worked all day with three truck loads of clothes. Sebastien Bourgeois, the president of IRNGO says that these clothes will be delivered to children in Yunnan , Chongqing and Nepal.

 Serving drinks


ELA in Shenzhen






ELA is a recognized Public Interest Association which was established in France in 1992. They aim to promote health, nutrition, food security and such things to benefit the general public. ELA's main goal is to bring together families that have been affected by leukodystrophy, a disease that attacks the central and nervous systems.


One of ELA's workshops!

ELA is coming to Shenzhen this Saturday! Their main goal is to have a workshop to increase awareness for leukodystrophy, and open up a partnership here in Shenzhen, China.



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French National Day!


To celebrate French National Day on July 13th this year, the CCIFC (French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China) is hosting a celebration in the Venice Hotel in Shenzhen. This celebration has always been a success, with over 500 people attending! Tickets can be bought at several different venues.

Please read more to find out more information!

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Volunteer needed

Since the first clothes donation we organized last year, clothing donations have been coming to us. This year we plan to organize another clothing donation and we need your help! So we’d like to invite passionate individuals like yourself to participate in an event where you can:

  • Socialize with enthusiastic individuals,
  • Engage in hands-on work in an energetic environment,
  • And most importantly, experience the sense of contentment in meeting the needs of others!


The clothing donation event involves the following processes:

  • Picking up donated clothing from the storage location,
  • Transporting them to the venue,
  • Selecting clothes that are in good condition,
  • Categorizing clothes by male/female and adult/children,
  • Packaging and labeling


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Donation to Couleurs de Chine


Couleurs de Chine is a French association that searches for 'godparents' to pay for the scholarships and funding of children who live and study in the mountains of Gangxi. Nathalie from Couleurs de Chine along with Caroline went to visit these children and make donations to them!


With the children!

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Clothing/Book Swap! June 14th!6月14日!让我们交换衣物和图书吧!



这是清理你的衣橱和书柜的好机会!欢迎你把不需要的衣物和书籍带到南海玫瑰园HH Gourmet(丛欢欢餐厅)跟别人交换,想换多少换多少!(入场费用包含一杯免费咖啡和早午餐的折扣)

Join us at HH Gourmet in Coastal Rose Garden for a used clothing and book swap. It's a great chance to clean out your wardrobe and library and replace it with something new! Take as many clothes and books as you want!


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