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The end of summer 2013 is marked by a burst of creativity at the collective art exhibition and charity event organized in the heart of Shenzhen City. “SHARE via ART – 2013 Summer Mix” is a result of mutual efforts and close cooperation between non-profit independent group Art+, IRNGO, international consulates and national institutions.

The aim of the event is to bring together all talented, inspired and open-minded people who want to make a difference and share our art and humanity values. 11 artists from different countries (China, Hong Kong, the USA, Canada, France, Italy, Russia), backgrounds, messages and ways of expression will showcase 40 works of art which vary from modern sculpture and impressive paintings to photography, designed and digital manipulation. Visual forms of art are accompanied by live music performance with participation of local and international musicians.

In terms of this event Art+ and IRNGO will transfer all donations made by artists and public supporters to the Shenzhen Min Ai Disabled Children’s Welfare Center (NGO) for autistic and mentally challenged children.

You are welcome to attend the grand opening ceremony on the 24th August. For more details please visit


China Charity Fair 2013 - IRNGO


IRNGO is currently consolidating resources and support to participate in the next China Charity Fair (CCF). Since its foundation CCF has been holding annual expositions aimed at developing non-profit sector in China, bringing together charity organizations, top-level officials and public participants. The last fair in Shenzhen was a platform for 544 charity organizations and 150, 000 visitors. Hence, next CCF bring.

To know more about we invite you to read this article from SZ Daily.


CCIFC - French National Day 2013

This year the French National Day celebration brought together French and Chinese culture, art and charity, those who try to make a difference and those who support it. This event was organized by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China who offered a cooperation to IRNGO on the base of mutual partnership, humanity values and creativity. 450 guests and sponsors could breathe in the spirit of France and enjoy cultural event and cuisine delights in Venice Hotel on the 13th July.

 CCIFC 14 July 2013

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Art Plus events coming

In succession with fruitful collaboration in July IRNGO is actively involved in a new international art and charity project “ART+” which will open on the 25th August and last the whole September in Shenzhen. The aim is to foster creativity, art expression, cultural education and benevolent activity with involvement of talented people and bright minds from all over the world.

12 prominent artists from China, Hong Kong, Canada, France, Italy, Russia and the USA are ready to bring their art, energy and assistance to local communities and kids. IRNGO and ART+ group welcome everyone who would like to participate, make more people smile, inspire or be inspired! For more information please visit


The French National Day - With the CCIFC



In partnership with the CCIFC we are pleased to welcome you to the French National Day the next 13 of July.The CCIFC offers to support IRNGO by giving to us 10 rmb per person coming, which will also offer us visibility and recognition.

We are sure that this event will be very nice and a lot of surprises will be there. If you want more information feel free to contact Isabelle CARLIER | Office Director | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Tel: +86(755) 8632 9720| Fax: +86(755) 8632 9736 



Support from CCIFC


Membership CCIFC                                        

The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Shenzhen China, which operates under Chinese law and belongs to the Federation of French Chambers of Commerce and Industry Abroad, granted IRNGO the annual bronze membership.

With this successful partnership IRNGO hopes to bring its services to a significantly new level and expands its networking connections in order to provide sufficient assistance to those who are in need and share values of humanity and mutual help. At the same time IRNGO expresses deep appreciation for constant support provided by CCICF and especially to Isabelle Carlier and Manuel Deleers (CEO of CCIFC).


Support form Mailforgood


As an attempt to strive for more and bring more good to this world, IRNGO initiated partnership with Mailforgood aimed at bringing more benefits to those who are in need by raising awareness of every individual and making basic donation. Anyone who is willing to dedicate just a little bit of time and contribute 1 cent is welcome to participate. Sometimes 1 cent is not making difference to you but with the help of mutual efforts it make difference to the world. 




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