2015 IRNGO Used Clothes Collect in FIFA School

This year IRNGO has cooperated with “衣旧情深’’(affection for old clothes) team from Shenzhen Evening News Group to hold used clothes collection. The activity took place in Futian International & Fine Arts School (FIFA) with whom we have worked together since last year.


FIFA School gave us a warm welcome to our coming and made a poster for the collection with our logo. As last year’s collection went well, this year they will continue to work with us and in a very short time, they have collected several big bags of old clothes from the pupils. Mrs Feng, the principal of FIFA said they would continue to hold this activity every year in autumn, so that those in need can have a warm winter! The teacher said during this kind of activity, the pupils could learn to give and appreciate what they have and help others. The principal also invited IRNGO to come to give a speech, sharing our experiences and encouraging more students and parents to engage in charity work.


IRNGO is glad to know this year more people have participated in clothes collection and we hope through our activities, more people can join us and benefit our society.



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