Sunshine Academy



Sunshine Academy dedicates themselves to loving and educating young Chinese orphans, in order to enable to them to have an independent and fulfilling life. They believe that all children deserve to be loved unconditionally and through their full time preschool, evening Sunset Hours program, Weekend Adventures and Sunshine Special and Vocational Education School, they are accomplishing this.

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IRNGO was very happy to be a part of Sunshine Academy's opening of a new school! We were able to give them toys for their children when their new school was going to open. IRNGO was also a part of Sunshine Academy's annual Sunshine-in-a-Box event where we donated a few boxes of  toys, games and school supplies for children. IRNGO looks forward to working more with Sunshine Academy in the future and thanks them for giving us an opportunity to be a part of such an important event!


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