Lecture at QSI Shenzhen

The 6 of February 2013, we did a lecture at the international school QSI in Shenzhen !

Following this lecture, the student send to us a reflection about it.

It's so interesting and nice that we would like to share it with you.





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The 6 of February 2013, we did a lecture at the international school QSI in Shenzhen !

Following this lecture, the student send to us a reflection about it.

It's so interesting and nice that we would like to share it with you.



QSI School in Shenzhen Seikou



The lecture and the student 


Extract of the reflection written by the students :



As we learned in the class, pollution has become a serious problem, due to our industrial process. Industry and subsequent pollution is somewhat inevitable; human beings need these products to meet their needs. This is why more and more people are arguing for sustainable development. However, I always felt that we are still producing too much. There are bunch of examples; my friend just got iPhone5. In last few years, she changed her phone several times; to iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and finally iPhone5. The previous versions of her iPhones still work; but she says she does not want to use them anymore because they are outmoded, and it does not look cool. And I am pretty sure she is not the only one who feels that way. I thought maybe we could share unused products with people in need, instead of just turning them to trash just because they are ‘outmoded.’ I use the cell phone that was produced in 2007, and it works perfectly fine! This is why I think IRNGO is a fantastic idea. I learned that IRNGO has been built on the simple idea that today’s worldwide market is overproducing quality goods, and we have to much unused products instead of sharing them with people who are actually in need. That’s exactly what I had been thinking. If we could combine economy and charity, we will be able to create a win/win situation, which is another way of reaching sustainable development.

I learned about what is green washing and. Green washing is green + white washing, which means that some companies pretend to be environmentally friendly when they are in reality, not. Planned obsolescence was one tactic that companies use to sell their products by intentionally making products with limited use of time. This helped me made think, are the products that I believe are environmentally friendly, really green? I just searched the internet and found out that 95% of the products that are advertised to be green, in Korea, is green washed product. Now that I know not all the green products are actually green, I will try to stay informed to not to get tricked, by reading articles such as:



Looking at the pictures of Plastic Ocean, open sky garbage dump, and especially Citarum, I really want to support IRNGO. If I come to think about it, there are several ways that I can help out. I can start carrying my own water bottle, and using backside of the paper. I can also send my used toys, books, and school materials to Sunshine academy. I also promise that I will read the news on recycling at least once every week. Likewise, I will start little by little. These little changes would not affect the environment immediately, but I am sure these little efforts, eventually can make the big difference. I believe in success of IRNGO. I am persuaded, and determined to change. I am sure others will do the same as everyone recognizes the importance of environment protection. I was especially impressed with the quotes by Gandhi. “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”




While I listening to the president of IRNGO, I recognized that the IRNGO is similar to WHO (World Health Organization). Since both are the group of organization which cares about the environment. Anyways, I think the IRNGO does having a hard time to make the world clean. In this article, it contains that QSI is also related to IRNGO for donating some items that are not needed for the school. The IRNGO stands for International Recycling Non-Government Organization, so if this stands, I think other foreign countries could get involved in IRNGO to support them. Today I was surprised at Citarum, which is the most polluted river in the world. When I saw this river in picture, I noticed that IRNGO really wants to have some change in world. I didn’t even noticed these kind of river exists, this was the first time I saw this chaos, and I would like to recommend people to not to throw the trashes in everywhere. I also saw the site of IRNGO; I think IRNGO is really preparing well, and ready to clear the areas. I wish that IRNGO develop well and have success on their work.




I think that what IRNGO is doing is great for the environment, and also helps kids in need. IRNGO is the middleman for large companies that overproduce their product. Usually what would happen is the company would destroy the excess products, because it is cheaper for them to do this as opposed to fixing the product or attempting to recycle it themselves. This is when IRNGO steps in, and asks for the excess products. They then organize events where they can invite many underprivileged children to play with the toys they received from the companies, and also donate them to other charities. The impression it made on me was to change the way I consume, and hopefully influence others to do the same. One person isn’t going to change the health of the environment by themselves, but they can spread their influence and hopefully encourage others to do the same. This is why I think what IRNGO is doing is so important, they are setting an example for all of us and at the same time also helping out kids in need with usable products that companies deem unnecessary “excess”.




The IRNGO is an organization that collects unwanted products that major companies throw away, and the IRNGO takes responsibility to place those unwanted products in places where they would have some use. I believe that this idea is very creative and also very helpful to the environment. Many areas within the world, especially third world countries, are changing into the dumpsters of large companies around the world. The IRNGO helps reduce a percentage of the waste, helping to reduce the environment and also reusing and conserving them by placing it in places that may find uses of them. Today, there was a presentation from the president of IRNGO, a representative of IRNGO, in QSI, and I found it to be very informative as it was one of the first live presentations discussing environmental issues and a solution to help the current situation of the environment.

Environment preservation is surely a really important matter nowadays, however even while we know that, no one takes action to actually fix this problem and instead it only keeps getting worse because the world now over producing quality goods. In the presentation IRNGO did in our class, they made it clear that they want to make a new economy strategy in which the over produced goods will be shared with people in need.

 As for my own opinion on this, I’m still uncertain. Sharing with people in need is obviously a very kind-hearted action to take, however I can’t agree completely. While sharing seems good, there will be no profit whatsoever. No matter how much environmentally friendly we want to be, there is a need for more and more money. Though I don’t have anything against the method adopted by IRNGO, people cannot simply give out things and not receive any. Maybe I just can’t find the “win-win” situation here, but I do know that donating is automatically not a method in which both sides win. One side loses and the other wins. That is obvious, since there is no such thing as equivalent exchange in the world we live in today.

Instead of donating, I think there should be a way to actually make these “people in need” worthy of what they’ll get. A citizen that is not working or collaborating with the economy of the country is simply not considered a citizen at all. Find a way to make them able to earn their own share, through possible and affordable ways.




The presentation was very impressive, I was glad to find out that there was such a helpful organization in my surrounding. It was surprising that the organization actually collects excess, usable products from factories and organizes charity events to help people in need.

The presentation actually included a lot of helpful information that I did not know previously; I didn’t what greenwashing meant, and I didn’t know that there was a river called Citarum that is so terribly polluted. Most importantly, I was really surprised to find out about ‘planned obsolescence’, that companies actually make their product weaker than they can make, so that the product do not last very long and encourage consumers to buy new ones. I realized that I have been one of their targets to bring out desired outcomes.

In our environmental studies class, we have covered a unit regarding wastes and the proper way of disposing wastes. I was especially interested in the disposal of hazardous waste. I had to write an essay about disposal of toxic waste and while researching, I realized that it is really a serious environmental issue that many countries are concerned about. I also got a chance to read about e-wastes, and how developed nations pay money to dump those trashes into their land. I think these things, like today’s presentation, really help us to increase the awareness of such issues.

After watching the presentation, I got a clearer understanding of IRNGO. It is impressing that this organization is not just using any materials, but products that are no more useful in the factories, to improve the world. I realized that things that I consider useless and not important can actually be very valuable to others. I read the short article on the handout, describing the event that took place in Promised Land of Children organized IRNGO and another QSI with a French retailer, and it was good to know that those programs are taking place in Shekou. I am really glad to participate and help out such events, and I’d love to be further informed about these events and opportunities.

To add to that, the last part of the presentation (You are the future) taught me that my actions are important and they can actually contribute to the improvement of the world’s environment. I too, agree that making good choices is significant to our world. I believe that in the future more people, especially people of my age, will gradually understand these issues and realize that their little attention and action can accumulate and make conspicuous progress.



IT is important to have an organization like the IRNGO. We have got so many wastes each year and, mostly, they are not being recycled. These wastes can pollute the environment. The Plastic Ocean and the Citarum River in Indonesia are best example. What are we going to do? As what I learn today, I think we can do a lot of thing to help the environment.

First, we need more people like Mr. Sebastian who help to spread knowledge about recycling. Then they might have more people to help them on their work. Another thing we can do to help the environment is to control ourselves. As what Mr. Sebastian said, if a person’s has a cellphone and the battery has been broken after two year of use, they will buy a new cellphone instead of buy a new battery and some cellphones are even brain new have been throwing away. It is good that people want to have new products, but if the old one still can be used why don’t we keep using that. It saves money and reduces wastes.

People need to learn more about this problem. We can’t see does not mean that is not existing. If the government does not do anything about this, than people should do it ourselves. The reason is simple, it affect our future life.



Today I heard the presentation about the International Recycling NGO. Throughout studies, I have read many recycling organizations trying to limit the vast quantities of wastes that ended up in landfills and some pollute the environment, just like the Citarum River. However, I like the idea that IRNGO made agreements with companies to get donation of companies’ excess goods. In this way, I think this is efficient in encouraging recycling and also to help the children in need.

I think this charity can be better in establishing presentations globally, to have more voices and strengths to let more people to come to realize the problem. As said before, I liked the way how IRNGO use excess goods from various companies to donate them to the children in need. By spreading this proposal, I believe there will be more support throughout the globe.



Nowadays, it is very much true that our society is extremely economic orientated. All companies and business choices are made for the soul purpose of saving cost and earning money. With that being said, it might be quite rare to find a running organization that is fully non-profitable and strive for the better goal in protecting the world’s environment. Being the founder of the IRNGO, visited our school in presenting their central idea of how our society nowadays are not recycling properly and slowly diminishing the quality of our world. By far this is the very first live presentation I attend that speaks about environmental matters and I think it extremely beneficial and informative.

I think that these talks are extremely necessary for the wide public as it brings both awareness and help. In intercepting the disposal process of large factories and firms, this organization takes over the excess products and distributes them to families or citizens that are in need. I support and agree with this organization and will try my best to spread the word of cutting down consumption.

P.S J’aime votre présentation



I was not aware of seriousness of the wastes produced over the world but began to learn about waste disposals and its methods in environmental study class. My class had a chance to listen a recycling company, IRNGO, presentation. I think it was much better to understand the presentation after we got some knowledge of recycling in the class.

IRNGO is a recycling company for all quality goods from today’s world market. They often send excesses of product and unused goods to people who want. At the beginning of the class, I was interested in the purpose of IRNGO because I never thought of recycling companies before. I realized that the world environment is naturally remained and protected from harmful wastes due to the recycling company such IRNGO. I could have a different view about the wastes we produced. I was surprised as I watched the presentation pictures including plastic oceans, open sky garbage dump, Citaeum (polluted river), and etc.

After the presentation from IRNGO, I recollected my father’s story. He is an industrial designer and told me about the trend of designs. He had a presentation about the eco designs in Korea. Numerous people start to pay attention to the eco designs. They actually try to create products and services by using harmless materials to environments.

Like above, it is time to take care of environments. To prevent all horrible pollutions, people have to focus on little thing first. According to famous old saying, “From small beginnings came great thing.” People need to find what they can do in their daily lives. People become aware of recycling. In addition, buying less, reusing, and sharing products can be a strong point to solve environmental problems. If many people in the world participate in these things, the environment will be cleaner than ever before.




I think that through ‘recycling’ used goods, recycling as in giving excess or used products to people who are in need of the technology or people who are in need, is a very good and basic concept. When you look at the pictures shown in by the president of IRNGO, you realize how sad it is that we are the ones who are creating those piles of dirt in the Citarum River and the plastic ocean. Not only are we destroying our environment and our aquatic sea life but we are also polluting ourselves. I think that companies are very shallow and don’t care about the world that they are destroying. I never heard of Planned Obsolescence before but now that I’m aware of it I think it would be quite interesting to go open up an iPhone or any other electronic device and see how much the inside technology really costs. If we or companies continue to think like this it won’t be long until we have finished poisoning the environment and the people on this earth. Like Albert Einstein said “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”, we have to think outside of the box. I think IRGNO’s systems is a start to think outside of the box.

Citarum River (This Image makes me sick and feel hateful)




IRNGO’s idea of using the market’s over produced goods is a great idea. Their situation with the French retailer and the schools in Shekou was a mix of helping fortunate children and use goods that would have been thrown out otherwise. The noble organization helps the environment and the less fortunate. I think that it is very inspiring and it will hopefully motivates people to give their used goods to charity or secondhand shops to decrease the amount of waste.



I have never heard of the Plastic Ocean or Citarum before today. I think it is very scary that humanism is polluting our world at that amount and that nobody will take care of it because nobody wants to pay for it. These situations are big problems. We can’t keep polluting like we do. Preventing us from polluting in the future is not that big of a problem, but to save Citarum, the most polluted river, and get rid of the Plastic Ocean is a much more problematic issue. We are all agreeing that we need to do something about it. The big question is who is going to do something about it?



Today, I listened to the presentation of the president of IRNGO about the true world recycling. What I was shocked about the most is the fact that the company with the recycle logo is actually just paying the money to get that logo and not recycling at all. They just ‘get’ that logo to make themselves look good. I previously thought that the company contributed to environment when they have the recycle logo, but that is actually far from the truth. I should research more about the fantasy that the companies inseminate to my brain and disabuse myself from the mire of illusion. I was also mesmerized by the picture of the river Citarum. It was not a river at all! It was close to some local trash dump, except that water is below. It is such a pity to all those people that live near the river. Frankly speaking, I wasn’t very much of a leader in recycling. I hate troublesome things, and recycling is just the thing that I consider onerous. the president of IRNGO’s presentation actually changed my mind a little bit, but to make a leader out of this lazy me, I think it would take another 100 years. Anyways this was a useful presentation for me, and I would like to say thank you to the president of IRNGO for his fantastic accent and presentation.



I think IRNGO is a fantastic idea and meaningful activity. They are recycling and at the same time, they are doing charity for poor children and families. Many people now are overusing resource and they don’t realize that their behavior causes great damage for the environment around the world. From the pictures, I can see that much pollution is going on in the world. However, we don’t know that. Plastics are polluting our river and garbage is occupying our land. It is time for us to take responsibility of what we have done to the environment. In the next decades, environment will be worse and worse if we don’t take any action to prevent pollution from happening. We should protect our environment and IRNGO is good choice and platform for us. All of us should participate in the IRNGO to protect our environment.



I think the first and the most important for IRNGO to do is to recycle for the plastic and change most products into sustainable development products. This is exactly what the IRNGO is doing now. I think this is a good idea and are helpful to reduce the damage of pollution. As a QSI student, we can divide our wastes into different categories. In this way, it is easier for IRNGO to recycle and for students to help on environmental issues. Sustainable development is popular in many countries. China ex-President raised the idea of Keeping Sustainable Development since 2008. This policy helps Chinese to reduce a large amount of wastes. Because China is developing, it is hard for Chinese to reduce the same amount of wastes as developed countries do. However, I believe sustainable developing will be more and more effective in next few decades.

Also, a more important way for recycling is donation. Donating products for poor children and families is a good idea. Nowadays, many people throw away their properties even if they are still new. They want to buy new stuffs because they want to be fancy. However, in this way, we are wasting our resources. If we can donate the useful wastes for poor families and children, we can help to save the resources.





We thanks all the student for their work, and interest !

 Hope to see all of you soon again.


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