Donation to Couleurs de Chine


Couleurs de Chine is a French association that searches for 'godparents' to pay for the scholarships and funding of children who live and study in the mountains of Gangxi. Nathalie from Couleurs de Chine along with Caroline went to visit these children and make donations to them!


With the children!


Nathalie from Couleurs de Chine went to these mountains and visited kids from Yao, Miao and Dong minorities who are currently living there. Most of these kids are living with their grandparents while their parents work in bigger cities to support their living conditions. They were also able to visit their homes, which are big but have a few belongings with little comfort.


 Children with donations in the classrooms!


IRNGO was happy to be a part of Couleurs de Chine's work with children from minorities! We are glad we could help and look forward to working together more in the future!


Nathalie and Caroline in Gangxi!

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