Clothing/Book Swap! June 14th!6月14日!让我们交换衣物和图书吧!

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这是清理你的衣橱和书柜的好机会!欢迎你把不需要的衣物和书籍带到南海玫瑰园HH Gourmet(丛欢欢餐厅)跟别人交换,想换多少换多少!(入场费用包含一杯免费咖啡和早午餐的折扣)

Join us at HH Gourmet in Coastal Rose Garden for a used clothing and book swap. It's a great chance to clean out your wardrobe and library and replace it with something new! Take as many clothes and books as you want!




*Free coffee and discount brunch with admission

*Meet and take photos with Max the Celebrity Dog from 11am to 1pm 

*Order a custom-made qipao or men's cheongsam with our tailor specially visiting from Dongmen

*All leftover clothing will be donated to our organization IRNGO!


***Frequently Asked Questions***

1.How do I bring my clothes?

*Drop them off at HH Gourmet in Coastal Rose Garden 2 by June 13th, 5pm

*Sign the drop-off sheet

*Check-in with us on the event day (June 14th, 11-3) and receive a voucher for free coffee and half-price admission


 2.Can I drop off clothes/books and not come to the swap?

Sure .


3.Can I come to the swap if I didn't bring any clothes/books?

Sure (but you'll pay general admission: 60RMB).

4.Can I donate my old underwear?

EWWWW! NO! Clothing should be freshly cleaned with no visible stains, tears, or defects. Take extra care if you have a dog/cat/smoking home. Books should be intact without problems like mold or excess tearing.

5.What can I donate?

Shoes, kids/baby clothes, men's clothing, jewelry/accessories, books. No undergarments, swimsuits, socks, stuff that isn't books or clothes.

6.So, on the day of the swap, how many clothes/books can I take?

As many as you want.

7.No really...


8.Can I bring my kids?


9.Can I bring my dog?

Absolutely, HH is super dog friendly.