Last update from Chunhui donation

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Email received from Chunhui :

This is Peggy Peng from Chunhui Children (Half the Sky). This April, I have sent you pictures showing your kind donation to our vulnerable children. As previously talked, we moved to a new site (at the outskirt of Beijing) and our capacity raised from 70 beds to 80 beds for the chidren. We just moved this September and got everything settled down on October. 
Most of the donation from IRNGO come into use in our new site.
As you know our China Care Home is a pre and post surgery care center for medically fragile children. When they are fully recovered, they need to be sent back to their Children's Welfare Institutions (orphanages). We allow the children to take their toys back if they ask for.
Thank you again for everything you have been doing for the disadvantaged groups! 
An early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!