Joint charity event by 4 organizations

2014.Aug.6,together with Carrefour, Shenzhen Ciwei Philanthropy Institute and Datong Social Service Center, IRNGO delivered the donations to the poor families in Huizhou. This activity has benefited in total 14 families. We visited several families and spreaded the sprit of IRNGO from Shenzhen to Huizhou.

After the three organizations (IRNGO, Carrefour, Ciwei) met up in Huizhou. Green (IRNGO),orange(Ciwei) and red (carrefour) we started off to the poor family.

After a while, we arrived at the first family. Mr.Liu and his wife are aged, living with the base guarantee. Mrs. Liu is a psychotic and incapacitated. Their house was destroyed by a heavy rain in May, so they moved temporarily to a small house. They even couldn’t afford a fan. So apart from delivering the rice and oil, we gave them a fan. He was so happy as well as us.

After leaving Liu’s, we went to Mr. Huang’s home. Although he was 57 years old, he couldn’t work due to the illness. He lives with the base guarantee, and at the same time, he has to pay for his children’s tuition of the university. We gave him some daily supplies. Maybe it’s just a little help, but he was moved and told us that he didn’t know how to show his gratitude.

We couldn’t visit all the family due to the time. So we left the rest of donated goods to the DaTong Social Service Center for them to deliver to each families.


Thinking of the happiness in their face,we desire to devote ourselves to IRNGO and help more people. It will be a wonderful world if everyone show his kindness.

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