Education in rural area (2)


Thanks to steady development of IRNGO and support from our sponsors, we were able to support a Huizhou-based association, dedicated to helping low-income families in the community. We offered Nick, the founder of the association, 50 toys, which were then given to children from low-income families.




Here are a few examples of their stories:


Meet Clara! Her parents have a small shop at the market. So we thought is would be a good idea for her to know what it is like to work at the market.

Here she is with her very own “My Fist Market” toy-set. We wish Clara lots of fun times with her new toys and hope that it will serve as a source of inspiration for her and her friends.


And here are Mengpei and Chang. These boys live together with all their family under one roof. And they are the true men of the house now with their brand new “Power Tool Set”. Good luck to them and their family.



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