Result of the fund raising




Sathurday 16th of march 2013, we organised our first public event's in China.


We have been very happy to see you all there and if you did not attend here are the result and the pictures of this lovely evening.


First of all we would like to thanks again all our partners and sponsors :



They provided the event's place and we really appreciated their organisation.




For the delicious Tapas from Coco Park which have been so appreciated.


 Chez Clement


For all the sweet cakes that so many of you have enjoyed as all the people in Shekou do.

Vision of Wine

For the nice and tasty wine they offered.
  For two access passin their video training center golf courses.


 Lou palaccio


Perhaps the best pizza in town who offered a dinner for 2 persons.




For the free night for 2 persons as well as for their buffet lunch for 4 persons, in Zhuzilin.
 Sheraton For the free night for 2 persons as well as for their 2 access to the buffet at lunch or dinner, in Futian.
 Ritz Carlton For the 10 access to the SPA, including their superb outdoor swimming pool and gym, in Futian.



Our historical partner which have offered the Lamborghini (for child use only).


Of course, the pictures of the best time:


Welcome to our first public event's in the shop : Sense of Wine




 IRNGO_Eating    IRNGO_Eating

IRNGO Thanks

All was very well organised. Thanks to the organisation team.




All evening we honored our sponsorts




IRNGO_Thanks    IRNGO_Thanks

IRNGO Thanks  

IRNGO's presentation in English and in Chinese





The lucky draw



IRNGO_Thanks   IRNGO_Thanks

A glimpse of the toys that you have donated to the association



That day we were seventy, we thank you again for your visit and for the time we shared, however we also thank all those of you who have not been able to come and who give us their dailly support.

During the event we collected 3,500 rmb and 37 toys and on the top of that we saw the big interest that many of you have for our activities.

We are also delighted to count some new members and we will be happy to continue with those who have shown a keen interest in helping us building the future.

We are already setting-up our next charity events and we will be happy to keep you informed as soon as possible.

See you again soon!



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